19th Feb 2017

India House Art Gallery (Map)

Event Description

Kumbhakarna, the younger brother of Ravana known for his epic sleep was  awoken only to fight the war against Rama. A person of monstrous size and great appetite, Kumbhakarna was considered a pious, intelligent and brave person. Although he had a flawless character he was caught between being loyal to Ravana whom he advised to avert the battle with Rama, and his own karma of fighting a war. Modern day lives are no different from this dichotomy of the mind.

Mythology provides substance for many great paintings. Many paintings, story books, and films were made centering around Rama or Ravana. Although the Ramayana provides a huge repository of interesting characters the vanquished Asuras occupied very little space in the visual world, be it in paintings or in story books. The idea of Kumbhakarna as a painting was in my thoughts since my childhood! Perhaps this large traditional pichwai form of painting, extending ten feet by five feet on kadhi cloth using colors made from stone and plant dyes that took a year in the making by a group of artists fulfils my dream.

Event Glimpses