Floating Footprints- Rajesh Sagara

26 Feb 2016

India House Art Gallery (Map)

Event Description

Floating Footprints is an expression of Rajesh Sagara’s warm experiences of Ahmedabad, with empathy and astonishment. It is an account painted on the symbolic skin of an account book, wherein Ahmedabad is the theme. The canvases of the account book are suggestive of profit and loss as well as the game of hide and seek; the game played in and by Ahmedabad through centuries. These paintings are mapping the change on the canvas, which confront the city’s catholicity and adversity. These forty paintings expressing one vital theme on red cotton paper is challenge and luxury for the artist. It is also an expression of shock, suffering, pain and agony, yet the paintings soften the memory lane. A story of six hundred years depicted in forty frames cover the multiple layers of experience and expressions of the city.

Event Glimpses