conneXions – An Installation by: Ramprasad Akkisetti

7th November 2019

ACETECH 2019, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, India (Map)

Event Description

An installation built by Indranil Garai and Associates, Pune, India (Team: Sumit Roy, Imran Sheikh, Laxman Londe). Design Team: Ar.Sundar Bommazee, Parth Mehta, Krishna Vadgama(Model Maker) Music Credits: John Stewart Eduri This installation represents the ESSENCE OF ARCHITECTURE. It represents the role of architecture, bringing people together, creating civilizations for humanity to thrive. At a metaphysical level conneXions reflect our desires and aspirations. It seamlessly floats over the ground, standing strong on its legs and spreading wide to reach out to the sky, denoting man’s ability to think in abstraction. It denotes man’s ability to deal with ideas and concepts and not on bare necessitates and mundane urges. In other words, it signifies going beyond the survival mode, on to a civilized culture and society. The six prongs seamlessly connect in the center representing coming together. We bring ideas and energies together along with knowledge and skills in enhancing the human experience. Exhibitions are places where these energies and ideas come together and spread further. Red represents the sun and its energy, like a Chinese character in red. It is not static, it’s dynamic! Like pure forms such as spheres and cubes, one can say this is the purest form for energy. One cannot express energy more simple than this. There is stability within this dynamism; it is a burst of energy from the center, while it is also the coming together of energy at the center, creating stability within a dynamic form.

Event Glimpses