Ideas In Architecture for Exchange Season 1 – Manish Banker

21st June 2014

Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium, Pune


Manish Banker, graduated in Architecture with distinction in 1991 from the Institute of Environmental Design, Gujarat, India. He is an Associate Member of the Council of Architecture & Indian Institute of Architects.

After studying architecture at BKPS College of Architecture, Pune in 1979, Girish Doshi did a seven year long apprenticeship in Ahmedabad at studio Sangath with eminent architect Balkrishna Doshi.In 1987 he started his own architectural studio “Navkar” in Pune and has been doing various architectural projects in and around Pune. He has also worked with other architects of which Shirish Beri, Anant Raje, Charles Christopher Benninger,Charles Correa are to name a few. He has been teaching as a core faculty since 1987 in various institutions like Bharati Vidyapeeth and PVP in Pune.

Varsha and Deepak Guggari Associates (VDGA) is a leading Architectural and Interior Design studio based in Pune. The studio’s principal is Architect Deepak Guggari and Varsha Guggari the partner architect.

Manish has travelled extensively to the United States, Europe, Japan, Dubai, China, Malaysia and to different parts of India to explore the world of architecture. He has attended trade fairs in Italy, Dubai, China and Malaysia. After working as an apprentice for two years at the Osho Commune International, Pune, he established TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd., a design firm, in 1994.

Girish Doshi is a recipient of several awards for his architectural design including the, AESA – Kumar Architect of the Year Award – 1995 winner, J.K. Cement award for private residence in Pune in 1996, I.I.A. Architect of the Year Award – 2006. His work has been widely published in journals and newspapers and academic outputs include lectures, seminars, exhibitions, writings and theoretical projects.

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