Trilok Prakash Soni


A young representative of a family tradition, Trilok brings image of Shrinathji closer to the devotees and art lovers. He was born to a celebrated painter in traditional Indian paintings, Shilp Guru ShriBadriLalChitrakar and has undergone training with him in Guru-Shishya tradition. Like other devoted painters in the tradition, Trilok’s training has been rigorous. This long learning process includes a long and difficult practice in material procuring-making and technical and stylistic details. He lives and practice in his studio in Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

Trilok’s interest and expertise lies in the Pichawai form of Krishna paintings. His father and other artists in the family practice other styles and forms of traditional paintings, while he is fascinated by the devotional aspects and imagery of Shrinathji in Pichawai paintings. Though he has never undergone any academic training in painting, the traditional techniques that he has learned in the workshop of his father and elder brothers, have successfully shaped his current shape of art practice.

He likes experimenting with the themes and compositional settings of traditional pichawais. His restrained intrusions maintain the aesthetics of Pichawai tradition and bring variety in the `Darshan’, mystic sight.

Trilok Prakash Soni has been conferred National Award for the year 2011 for his devotion and contribution in Pichawai painting tradition.