Arti Kirloskar


Arti Kirloskar studied art at the Delhi College of Art. She later pursued her masters at SNDT pune post her marraige. Over the years she has been the Convenor of Intach who works for the revival of heritage. She is also involved in social work and is an enviromentalist and a Convenor of the Kirloskar Vasundhara international Film festival being held in Pune and 20 other cities for over a decade.

I let thoughts come and go. Processing bits and pieces. My memories and experiences play on within me. They help me create images and ponder my thoughts and nuances in a more specific way.

I compose from images that I have captured of my life, from books and from the internet. These and other sources inspire me. I gather them on my sketches and on my library. They are of value to me since they have resonated with something inside of me. An idea, a memory, a connect. I combine these bits and pieces to create a new narrative with an attempt to look within myself.

I am on a journey of finding myself. I explore, write and create with integrity via this questioning mind. I try not to think too much about whether I am communicating what is arising within me.

We are so alike, all of us living creatures. We are all in the pursuit of happiness and peace within. The search is inherent in us all – why then should my search not resonate with you.